There is one whole works competitive price (Guide from £8500 for 11′ x 7′ model excl. VAT). It includes everything mentioned. Then you just need to plug in your computer and telephone and you’re up and running. Following your free home design survey you will be sent the full fixed-price quotation confirming any special requirements. We only require a £1,000 holding deposit until we start construction, so we do not hold on to a large deposit in advance. All deposits are fully guaranteed. Payment is then 50% of balance on commencement, then final balance on completion. The delivery times are generally 3 weeks for the concrete base and a further 8 weeks for the first components. Thereafter it takes approximately a further week for our team to complete full professional installation. You would be regularly updated on the progress of every stage and will be assured that every aspect is completed to our high standards of expectation.
Yes, the lowest point in our standard garden buildings is around 2.1m/7ft where the ceiling starts to slope up from the wall. If the sidewalls are too low, you will have restricted storage space, and will bang your head on the ceiling.
Our windows and doors are individually made by a bespoke joinery manufacturer. The substantial frames and tight joints won't admit rainwater. They are double-glazed and professionally finished with water-based stain cuprinol colouring. The windows have trickle vents to allow air to circulate in winter.
Yes, our high insulation standards and window design ensure that our garden buildings are cool in summer. Too much glass in garden offices gives a greenhouse effect in summer and makes the insulation ineffective in winter.
All our windows have lockable stays and the doors have double locking. The walls of our garden buildings are thick and would be very difficult to break through. There is CCTV with crime prevention warning stickers.
We use individually nailed Shingles as our standard roofing material. They have a life span of at least 30 years.
There is a specially designed 4-way chamfered notch-joint system ensuring a tight fit to all boards with no room for damp or wind penetration. We apply Wood preserved Cuprinol - Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear gives deep penetrating protection to outdoor wood. It is specially formulated to protect against rot and decay and also contains water repellents to help resist rain penetration. The unit is then coloured for further protection. Therefore, the unit would only need a top up coat every 2 years or so to maintain that new look.
In our garden buildings we use floor joists at 600mm centres over 20mm floor boards, and a further 22mm thick boarding [over celotex insulation], so that the floor doesn't creak or flex when you walk on it.
With plasterboard and skim, the most durable finish. It is easy to decorate and maintain and increases soundproofing. A plastered surface is natural, breathable and unlike manmade lining boards, is puncture resistant when knocked. The decoration is then performed by us to fully complete.
Buildings have foundations to stop them blowing away and to support their weight. Our insulated garden buildings sit on tannalised bearers, founded on concrete foundations. We do the entire foundation layout and work for you, so there is nothing for you to worry about.
Soft furnishings, electronic equipment and paperwork are dry in Southwick's Insulated Garden offices all year round. Our buildings are vented and well insulated for all year round living and to avoid condensation. Our level of insulation also gives excellent soundproofing.