Recycling Is Beautiful

Let’s think about the advantages of recycled furniture once again; not only is it extremely eco-friendly and sustainable, in many cases recycled materials can be absolutely stunning. This because the materials come with a certain sentiment – they’ve been used for the same or a completely different purpose in the past and they carry this story within them

All major furniture designers have identified this quality in recycled materials, and it now has become a popular trend. You can find exquisite pieces of high-quality furniture that combine the old with the new and the foreign with the familiar. Take for example the Ship Wood Collection made by a designer from New Zealand called Logan Komorowski; this range of furniture is all made of recycled wood that originally comes from old trade boats from the Li, Yangtze, Huang and Pearl Rivers in Southern China.

According to the furniture re-use network in the UK, 10 million of items are thrown away every year and at least 3 million of them could actually be re-furbished and re-used. If people would be re-using more materials this would have a hugely positive impact on the way we think about the durability of creation. People tend to have the urge to want something that feels both modern and original, but they are often unaware that this satisfaction can be met with something that is recycled as well.

The Ship Wood Collection have wooden chairs with a natural finish, or with stained and dark oak, that come with a plaque that states the origin and age of the wood that is used for that particular piece. It is highly comfortable thanks to its indented area and its angular design gives it a re-invented effect that makes this piece a sure eye-catcher.

Then, the cabinets in this range combine the old ship wood with a modern high-gloss frame and stainless steel feet. Here your urge for something modern and original is satisfied as well as your ethical and aesthetic responsibility to enjoy all that beautiful old wood from China!