Helpful information why you should seriously consider buying a garden office

The number of people now working from home have increased dramatically over the years, the reasons for this are various – the most popular two being either costs or to provide a better work/life balance. Whilst advances in technology have given many professional people the ability to work from other locations, craft based businesses are also finding working from home very advantageous.

When planning your work space, consider the purpose of the building: storage; working area; layout etc. Working from home allows you to plan your own working environment. It should be both comfortable and appropriate to your specific needs. Work out the size of Garden Office you require to fulfil all the criteria.

The Costs

Firstly the initial purchase price of your garden office, you should also budget for groundwork to give your building an adequate base suitable for the size and design you choose. Fitting out to include electrical, insulation, security and also any desks or storage you may require.

(All these costs are included in our whole works price. It includes everything mentioned and more, ensuring there are no hidden extras or anything to worry about).

Ongoing cost would include the heating and lighting of the building plus a contingency for keeping the building maintained in good order.

The potential Savings

  • Commuting – By reducing your commuting you will save both time and money in petrol or train costs. Your impact on the environment will also reduce, whilst lowering your carbon footprint. The time saved could be spent working which would then provide greater earnings or spent on other pleasures. Just consider when you fill your tank or buy your season ticket – this is money you will never see again.
  • Tax – If you are VAT registered and the building is purchased by your company you should be able to recover the VAT content, in addition Garden Offices are defined by H.M.R.C. as “self contained relocatable buildings” – you would be able to write off the cost of your building over a number of years as a business expense. Please consult your accountant for further information on how this applies to your business.
  • Convenience – The ability to achieve the 60 second commute allows you to work when you wish or leave work unfinished for you to resume when convenient.
  • Rent – If you are currently renting premises an immediate saving could be made, or if you are about to embark on a new venture by working from home you would avoid being committed to leasing a property for a number of years
  • Value – Your home Garden office can easily add £20,000 to the value of your property and increase the salability. Properties with existing quality, office space are in high demand.


  • Using a bedroom – You are not separating your working day from your home life. The window cleaner, milkman, children, your partner, the general house etc. are all distractions that take you away from earning your living
  • Extending your home or converting your garage – Cost these alternatives with a quote from your builder and see for yourself how good value a purpose made Garden Office is
  • Moving house to a larger one with more space – Don’t forget the larger house will not only mean a larger mortgage and increased council taxes – but the charges for H.I.P. stamp duty, estate agent fees, solicitors and removal are not recoverable.

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